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Star Stop
Mumbai: An actor by profession, painter for a cause, and a talented script writer are just a few facets of actor Salman Khan. The star talks about his much-awaited film Yuvraaj and his life on B4U Star Stop with VJ Romil on 21 November.  

Khan says he could emotionally connect with Yuvraaj, which is a film about three brothers. He talks about Subhash Ghai as a director and the mammoth scale he works on and how he loved doing the film. VJ Romil asked him about his portrayal of a temperamental man in the film; and his reputation at being the same in real life, he smiled and said it was a perception created by the media, and at  being called the hottest man on the planet this superstar was embarrassed and at a loss for words.

He is passionate about charity and human causes and has set up a foundation Being Human. All the funds earned from his painting are utilized for the welfare of children.  

B4U Star Stop is a programme with film-related interviews.  Actors/directors talk about their forthcoming movie, their likes, dislikes and other things and chat with B4U VJs. Stars talk about their personal review of the film and share anecdotes of their experiences during the making of the film.