Star Movies to air Die Hard on 16 August

Mumbai: Star Movies will be airing Die Hard 4.0 on 16 August at 9 pm.

Directed by Len Wiseman, Die Hard 4.0 stars Bruce Willis, Justin Long, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

When a security breach occurs in the FBI’s database, John McClane (Willis) is sent off to bring in Matthew Farrell (Long), a known computer hacker, for questioning. Although it seems like a routine job, the two soon find themselves under attack from a group of gun-toting assassins.

As they discover, Matt has unwittingly helped a group of cyber terrorists. Led by a former government employee (Timothy Olyphant), the group has launched an attack on the country’s computer infrastructure. As McClane tries to track down the evildoers, his job becomes even more complicated when his daughter, Lucy (Winstead), is taken hostage by the group’s crazed leader.