UTV Television, Smriti Irani to produce serial on Gandhi

Mumbai: UTV Television will be producing a serial on Mahatma Gandhi along with Smriti Irani Productions Limited.The drama series will seek to tell the story of Gandhi and his incessant search for truth.

The two companies are also in talks with broadcasters in the US and the UK for the telecast of this show.

"Mahatma Gandhi was also a husband, father, and a family man. Though his sacrifices have been chronicled on screen before, we would also like to highlight the sacrifices made by his family, a story largely untold. We would also be shooting on the actual location to give authenticity it deserves," says Irani.

"UTV television has always looked for innovation in whatever it ventures into. When Irani came up with the concept, I found it very interesting and novel. Gandhi has been one of the greatest political leader and thinkers of 20th century, we would like to encapsulate the golden era with great dignity, panoramic sweep and excellence in production" says UTV Television COO Ajit.