UTV’s soap Bhabhi celebrates 1200 episode

MUMBAI: UTV’s tele-serial Bhabhi that airs on Star Plus celebrated the completion of its 1200th episode with the entire cast and crew at Madh Island on 25 January.

“Star TV has always been a platform for diversity. A diversity of feelings, love and care, family values, respect, an unending chain of platonic sacrifices and a friendship that cant be defined by any definition, and that’s Bhabhi, a term that is as mystique and beautiful as monalisa and yet combines every value of Indian culture. Today we are proud to be the platform for UTV which came up with Bhabhi… the summation of all that Star Plus has stood for,” says Star Plus senior executive producer Dimpi De.
The afternoon show aired Monday – Friday at 1:30 pm has had change of faces but maintains a good viewership and TRPs. Present at the celebration were Kanchi Kaul, Vishal Singh, Vidhya Sinha, Director Manoj Krishanater and many more.
“We are introducing fresh faces, young new love stories to zing up the tale and add spark to our show,” says writer of the show Rajesh Beri, who has been associated with the show since its inception in 2002.
“She is one like us; among us is the true pure essence of the serial. I think this element has helped viewer to connect to their Bhabhi daily,” says UTV’s creative director of Bhabhi Richa Yamini.