Why Is Hrithik Roshan On Bigg Boss 8 Sets Minus Salman Khan ?

Salman-Hrithik1Hrithik Roshan whose film has not managed to break Salman Khan and Ajay devgns records at the box office in india. So Hrithik Roshan Lands Up In Bigg Boss 8 House Without Salman Khan In lonavala . The question is why did he not wait for the Saturday sunday episode and instead chose to visit today which will be shown in tomorrow or day after’s episode. Is Hrithik shying away from being with Salman Khan  ?

He is said to be promoting his film Bang Bang which has not managed to break the records that it could have broken , given the scale of release and the five day holiday period. He entered the house today around afternoon and left in the evening.

Whether this is a twist in the tale of Salman Khan is unaware of the shoot will be revealed soon.

Hrithik Roshan and Katina Kaif were not on the show to promote their movie Bang Bang instead Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor came on the sets to promote their film.

So in order to capitalise the remaining three weeks that Bang Bang has in theatre without any major release, till Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year on Diwali.

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Salman Khan during the show had taken a dig at Duggu (Hrithik is fondly known as in the film circles ) by telling Shahid that Salman taught Hrithik how to gym but he did not teach him anything in return, and then he thanked Shahid to teach him dancing while Hrithik has not taught him anything.

It all started when Salman Khan rubbed Hrithik Roshan the wrong way when he announced that not even dogs watched Guzaarish. That created a miff between the two. Later Hrithik also dared Salman Khan for the Bang Bang dare to which Salman Khan has not responded for over a week. However, we wonder what’s going on in Salman‘s mind. We are wondering so because the actor has yet to accept the dare and fulfil it.

And now the news that Hrithik Roshan is at the Bigg Boss house on a day when Salman Khan is not there alone after the release of his film is quite surprising.

We will keep you updated on the happening of Hrithik Roshan in the Bigg Boss 8 house. Whether Salman Khan is aware of this or the channel has taken this decision on its own is yet to be known, but going by the looks of things between Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan,

If Salman is not aware of hrithik’s presence in the Bigg boss 8 house in Salman ‘s absence, how do you think Salman Khan will react with the channel, or is it a way of salman khan extending his friendship towards Hrithik. Whats your take ?

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