Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar To Star In A Biopic?


Sachin-tendulkarSettle down, people! Because this news will surely shake your ground and leave you in awe. The God of Cricket is soon going to visit your nearest theater. Reportedly, living legend Sachin Tendulkar is going to play himself in his biopic. The film will hit 2000 screens across the world.

According to the reports, 200 Not Out, a Mumbai-based production company has acquired the rights to make the biopic on Sachin Tendulkar for World Sports Group (WSG). WSG manages Sachin’s brand and commercial interests all over the world.

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A London based award-winning writer, director and produce, James Erskine is to direct the biopic.  Apparently, work on the movie already started a year ago and the shooting for the film is currently on going. Many big personalities from all over the world are said to make their contribution in the film.

The star, who has never made it on the negative side in the media, will be revealing all the covered up facts and secrets of his life in the film. Sachin Tendulkar will walk us through the tough road. A journey of a normal kid, with a smile too big and eyes too bright, filled with desire to make it big, a journey of a kid, from being no one to being ‘The Dream’ of everyone.

Apart from his not-so-controversial journey so far, it’ll be exciting to see how well a camera shy person like Sachin himself, acts in front of the camera in his biopic.

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