After Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh Lashes Out At Media



Seems like day by day, the true meaning of Journalism is slipping out of the grips of Journalists. No, we aren’t saying this. This is Btowners and audiences’ impression on the current scenario in media.

Recently, a leading daily reported that actress Deepika Padukone wasn’t the one who was going through depression, but her beau Ranveer Singh. The report further stated that slowly Ranveer Singh became the real cause of Happy New Year actress, Deepika Padukone’s reason behind depression. To slam all the implications and put an end to the rumour, Ranveer Singh came forward and slammed the media people from the daily on his official Twitter account this morning. This is what Ranveer Singh tweeted.

Not only that, the actor also took to his Facebook page and expressed his disappointment on the whole “’fairy tale’ of his depression”. Ranveer trashed the daily by saying, “Classic case of utterly IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM. Is there any accountability? Or is the power of the pen now the terror of the pen?” The daily in their reports suggested that the whole depression phase was caused by a tragic suicide of a very close friend, not only that but the daily also reported that Ranveer was going through a therapy too. “Deepika was suffering, it’s true, but what no one knows is that Ranveer was the one who was disturbed and was seeking help. Deepika saw that he was having a tough time trying to come to terms with the suicide of a friend, who was dealing with depression. The friend shot himself last year, minutes after putting up a status on Facebook saying he was going to kill himself. But before any of his family members or friends could reach him, he had pulled the trigger. Those close to the deceased blamed themselves for not being able to help or doing enough or just being there with him,” the daily reported.

In reply to all the implications, Ranveer clearly stated in his post that all of it was rubbish and purposely arranged to create “sensational news”, “Picked up yesterday’s paper and read this ‘fairy tale’ of my depression about an intensely personal tragedy.

Much worse, it was shamelessly aligned with another person’s conflict and both these unrelated stories were made to connect for a sensational effect; deplorable to say the least. Figment of one’s imagination now taken to another level, in which there’s a dramatic twist about a therapist too!”

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