Gauahar Khan Slap Controversy: A Publicity Stunt?


If you remember, the Gauahar Khan slap controversy that made headlines for many days, has now taken another twist.

On November 30, when Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan, the host of India’s Raw Star was shooting for its grand finale episode, a member of the audience, Akil Malik, 24, walked up to the stage, misbehaved with her and then slapped her.
(Shocking! Gauahar Khan Teased And Slapped At India’s Raw Star)

Malik told the actress that he was against her wearing short clothes before slapping her. He touched her inappropriately as well. Following this, guards deployed at the show intervened and stopped him. He was immediately handed over to the police.(Gauahar Khan Slap Controversy: The Man Who Slapped Her)

And now, there is an interesting twist in the story. The accused, Akil Malik claims that Gauahar Khan paid him to slap her. Yes, you read it right! Akil Malik said that whole incident was scripted and Gauahar Khan paid him to slap her in public so that she can get media publicity. In return, Akil was promised to get a role in a Salman Khan film.

Akil further said that, he is a junior artist and met Gauahar on November 28, two days before the incident took place. He said he was a big fan of hers, and requested her to get him some work in films. Gauahar agreed on one condition, and said that he would have to do something in return for her.

So Gauahar asked him to come at the show. Before the show began, the model asked him to slap her during the show. In return, Gauahar offered him a role in Dabanng 3, and also said she wouldn’t press any charges on him to do so.

When asked about why he changed his statement dramatically, Akil maintained that the whole incident was pre-planned and it was decided what statement he will give to police.

Many Bollywood celebs had tweeted their support to Gauahar Khan. (Gauahar Khan Slapped: Bollywood Tweets)

Speaking out about the incident, Gauahar Khan in a press conference shared her side of the story. (Gauahar Khan Speaks Up On The Slap Controversy)

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