Hrithik Roshan Refused Bigg Boss Request For Bang Bang Promotions

Salman-Hrithik-Cover-PicPromoting films on Bigg Boss or any other reality show isn’t a new thing. It is seen as a very important way of promoting a film. In fact, makers are invited to do their promotions on Bigg Boss. But Bang Bang!’s  team feels the film is too grand to be promoted on Bigg Boss.

According to reports, the Bigg Boss team had invited Hrithik Roshan to promote Bang Bang! on Bigg Boss but Hrithik apparently instructed the team to decline the request. In fact, Hrithik has decided not to promote the film in any reality show as nobody will be able to recreate Bang Bang’s scale. Hence, the invite was politely reverted to the Bigg Boss team.

Now we aren’t sure as to how this decision will help or mess up the film’s promotions, but it seems Hrithik is yet to make peace with Salman Khan. The latter had remarked on Guzaarish in a very unflattering way saying that not even a dog came to watch the film. Well, Hrithik, not that Bang Bang needs promotions on Bigg Boss because the buzz about the film is piping hot, buthar bouring a grouse don’t go a long way…

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