Malaika Arora Khan Reveals Salman Khan’s Quirky Eating Habits


Salman-Khan-FoddieDirector Farah Khan’s new television show ‘Farah Ki Dawaat‘ has caught our major attention. Audiences have loved and shown good reaction towards Television show hosted by Farah Khan, where Bollywood celebrities come and show us their cooking skills. On the next episode, we’ll see Bollywood’s stunner, Malaika Arora Khan in Farah’s kitchen, showing us her cooking skills. And guess what? the actress have revealed some personal secrets about her Brother-in-love and Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan, Salman Khan on the show!

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According to rumours, Malaika revealed Salman‘s strange eating habits. A source was quoted saying, “Malaika said that after a long day at work when he is too tired to whip up a meal or wake up the domestic help, he simply pulls out all the leftover food from the fridge, adds butter and pickle to it, heats it in a pan and eats it piping hot!”

So our hot Dabangg actor likes to eat his food while its hot!

There are also a lot of speculations that Farah might just succeed in doing the undoable and bring the three Khans of Bollywood together under one roof.

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On the topic, the filmmaker and host, earlier revealed that though she wishes for the same, but even God can’t bring the Khans together. “I think even God can’t bring them together so I am not even attempting that. I tried to bring them together eight years back for the title track of ‘Om Shanti Om’ but even that didn’t happen,” Farah said.

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