OMG! Virat Kohli Quits Cricket For Anushka Sharma


Anushka-Virat-CoverSettle down people or take support of something because after reading this big news, your world will shatter into pieces. Apparently, India’s one of the best Cricketer, Virat Kohli has retired from Cricket. The cricketer gave his fans the very shocking news by releasing a public statement saying that he is saying goodbye to Cricket and will not be playing any match from here on.

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Apparently, Virat Kohli has had enough with all the blame-game, media bashing and criticism that his love of life, Anuskha Shamra went through because of his not up-to-the mark performance in India Vs Australia semi finals.

If your memory serves you right, you’ll remember how Anushka became target of all the jokes, outrage, mocking and twitter bashing as soon as Virat returned back to pavilion. (Twitterati Blames Anushka Sharma For India Loosing The Match)

The actress kept her calm, like she always does, but her beau have had it just enough and wants to put an end to all the drama for once and all, that is why Virat has decided to say goodbye to cricket. Yes, you read it right! Virat Kohli, one of the fabulous players we have in our Indian cricket team, have said his finally goodbyes and retired.

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Virat Kohli earlier this morning published a public statement, which reads, “Yes, it’s true. I am retiring from Cricket and saying goodbye to my cricket career and mates. Let me put this straight, this is no sudden decision or anything. I was planning on retiring after winning the world cup this year, which unfortunately didn’t happen but the decision is firm nonetheless. Cricket is in my blood but Anushka is in my heart. Cricket and my relationship with her, both are really precious to me and I can’t let one thing harm another. In the past, whether I scored good or not, my relationship with Anushka got butchered for no reason. In fact, her reputation got butchered by everyone for no particular reason! Recently, due to my performance in the semi finals, she had to go through a lot. Why? Just because I am dating her? That’s so irrelevant and absurd. I can’t end my relationship with her, she is the woman I love. So I have decided to retire and end my Cricket career before my relationship ends. Also, just to be on the clearer side, this is solely my decision. Nobody, not even Anushka knew about this until now. I am a peace loving person. I don’t let anger take control and do something that I might regret later.  All this outrage, anger and drama from so called cricket fans have made me really upset. I just want all of this to end and I hope, with my retiring from Cricket, it does end. ”

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We know, this is a sad day for all of us and also a day full of shocks and sadness. But here’s a ray of hope for Virat Kohli fans. When asked if we’ll ever get to see the star on the big screen as an actor or we can expect him joining his ladylove, Anushka‘s forte, this is what Virat said, “Why not? I have done commercials and people loved it. I have been approached for films too. I am young and now that I have full time on my hand to try different things, I might just give Bollywood a shot, you never know.”

Well we certainly do hope for something like that to happen. Yes, we’ll miss Virat‘s charm on the ground but we appreciate his decision. After all, he has a right to choose. It’s his choice and we shouldn’t question him for it. We wish Virat a very successful life ahead and hope to hear some wedding rings with his ladylove Anushka Sharma soon.

Now that you are done reading the whole article so dedicatedly, before you leave, we thank you for your faith in us. But this was just for today as it is April Fool’s Day and we are just kidding!

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