Rishi Kapoor Reveals His Strained Relationship With Son Ranbir Kapoor


Rishi-RanbirActor Ranbir Kapoor is been in news now and then on his personal life and relationship with actress Katrina Kaif. We all know that Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are dating.

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But Ranbir never came up publicly and declared about his personal relationship with actress Katrina Kaif.  So Ranbir Kapoor’s father Rishi Kapoor seems to have spilled few beans.

Rishi Kapoor spoke in an interview about his strained relationship with son Ranbir, and Ranbir’s decision to move out with girlfriend Katrina and more.

In his statement, Rishi Kapoor said, “My father gave me space when I moved out after marriage and I give Ranbir his space too when he decided to move out and share a home with his girlfriend. In this house, he had one room: how could that be enough for a 33-year-old boy? He’s a great son, he listens to me but I don’t interfere in his career because my career is mine and his is his.”

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“He doesn’t live with us anymore, which is also a very big setback to Neetu and me. We’re building a new home where there will be a lot of place for him and his family. Till then, life goes on”, he added.

Rishi Kapoor also said about his relationship with his son Ranbir Kapoor. He said that he has never been a friend with Ranbir and that is his biggest drawback. He also has a deep regret but again he leaves everything on time.

He also said, “I used to drink with my dad, though out of respect, I never smoked in front of him. Similarly I can share a drink with Ranbir, but he doesn’t smoke in front of me though I know he smokes. I never made friends with Ranbir and though I regret it, I am also not one of those guys who would want to be on back-slapping terms with my son.”

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Well, this is indeed some sort of indirect revelation by father Rishi Kapoor!

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