Salman Khan And His 12 Trendsetting Hairstyles

Featured-Salman-KhanBollywood superstar Salman Khan is known for being a role model and a trendsetter. Making fashion statements through his character in the film is something the Dabangg Khan does with ease. Over the years Salman has set some crazy and many super cool hairstyles for his fans to follow. Let’s take a look at 12 such hairstyles!

Click Next To Read MoreSalman-Khan-Hairstyle-ChildhoodThe childhood: Salman Khan was surely a charmer since birth. We bet he was the coolest kid in school looking all dashing like that! With those puppy eyes and silky hair, Salman might have stolen quite some hearts.

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle--old-SchoolOld-School Look: Look at those long wavy hair and the beautiful curls with breeze running through them! Makes it a picture perfect moment. Here is Salman’s old school retro look that he had during his early days in Bollywood.

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle--SuryavanshiSuryavanshi: Now this is something Salman Khan fans HAVE to see. Released in 1992 was Salman starrer Suryavanshi in which the dashing actor sported blonde beard and long hair. Dressed in a warriors suit, Salman strikes a thunderous angry pose.

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle--tere-Naam-LongTere Naam – Long Edition: Now who doesn’t recognize this one? All of us have probably met one person at some point of time who sported this look. Salman Khan formed an army of his fans dying to sport this hairstyle. Definitely an iconic one!

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle--tere-naamTere Naam – Short Edition: After the first half of the movie due to unfortunate circumstances Salman Khan gets admitted at a mental hospital and that’s where the actor sported a bald look. Being the superstar that he is, he pretty easily convinced his followers to sport even a bald look like this!

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle--Mujhse-Shaddi-karogeMujhse Shaadi Karogi: The film starring Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra created a rage in 2004. Salman sported fringes hairstyle for this one. Given the year the film released in, the look didn’t seem to bother anyone. In fact it encourage quite some people to try and go for the look.

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle--Maine-Pyar-Kyu-KiaMaine Pyaar Kyun Kiya: Released in 2005 was Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya starring Sushmita Sen and Katrina Kaif. Side parting his hair for half of the film and in the other half looking like a cool dude Salman sported different styles in the same film.

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle--Salaam-E-IShqSalam-E-Ishq: Hotness alert! Sweeping ladies off their feet with this amazing hairstyle Salman started a huge trend of spiky hair. Since 2007, the trend of spikes still hasn’t vanished. Colouring his hair brown and sporting the messy spikes Salman looked like a dream in this one.

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle--YuvraajYuvvraaj: Apart from the earrings, everything in this picture is lovable! When Katrina Kaif starrer Yuvvraaj released in 2008, Salman shocked everyone by sporting a blonde look. Dyeing his hair in shades of bronze and metallic, Salman sported a fresh funky look.

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle--VeerVeer: In 2010 Salman Khan played the role of a royal prince thus completely getting into the character by sporting the badass look. Long wavy hair with a messy hairstyle finished Salman’s look for the film Veer.

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle--DabbangDabangg: Now we have to agree, in this one, more than the hairstyle the moustache and the sunglass created a rage trending amongst Salman Khan fans. In the character of a witty police officer, Salman established an iconic persona of himself, which has since then stuck to him as a completely independent identity. That’s why he is called Dabangg Khan!

Salman-Khan-Hairstyle-KickKick: In the recently released film Kick, Salman was seen in a neat and dapper hairstyle sporting a Van Dyke beard style. Apart from the ‘kick’-a** action sequences, Salman’s fresh look seemed to charm the audiences quite a lot.


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