Salman Khan: The TIGER ‘King’ Of Bollywood

Salman Khan: The NEW King of Bollywood

Salman Khan: The NEW King of Bollywood

They say if you really want to watch a Salman Khan movie, you must go to a single screen cinema, like Gaiety Galaxy in Bandra, Mumbai. And if you manage to get a ticket of his movie in the first weekend, you’re ON for an entire new thrill — that experience is something that will change you forever.

Nobody cares what the movie is all about, where the story is going, what dialogues are being spoken — every thing is numbed by heart-moving cheers and whistles — it’s a festival, it’s a never ending celebration.

And to celebrate this experience, T-Series has released the first-ever Salman Khan mashup collection, specially mixed by DJ Chetas.

Here is the amazing ‘Salman Khan’ Mashup:

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