Shah Rukh Khan Overpowers Salman Khan Yet Again!


The two most awaited teasers of Bollywood Sultan and Fan are unveiled. The two superstars Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan both have created a hangover of their films Sultan and Fan respectively in the minds of the audience.

Salman’s Sultan teaser which has no sight of Salman in its 30 second duration, has got 1.24 million views whereas SRK’s Fan teaser has garnered 1.75 million views. Now with these numbers making rounds, the comparisons between the two have already started making rounds.

In the film Sultan, Dabangg Khan Salman will be seen in a fighting mode; however the lead actress of the film is yet not decided. The movie Sultan time and again has been in news for its leading ladies.

The teaser of Fan, was released after the much hyped graffiti incident on Mannat’s wall. The buzz about graffiti on the walls of Shah Rukh’s Bandra residence was brought to rest after the release of the film’s teaser. Fan will see SRK not only as a superstar but will also see him in the character of the biggest fan of that superstar.

Going by the number of views for each teaser it seems to be that Fan star SRK has beaten Dabangg Khan Salman in its initial war. Directed by Maneesh Sharma Fan is a unique tale of a glory filled star and his biggest fan whereas, Ali Abbas Zafar’s Sultan will have Salman as a wrestler.

No wonder, both the teasers are equally mind boggling, and are appearing to be promising in their own way. SRK’s Fan teaser released just two days back and has still over powered Salman’s Sultan teaser. The Fan teaser is almost going to cross its 2 million views and Sultan teaser which has been in limelight for quite some time now is racing a bit slow in comparison to Fan.

Now whether Salman’s non presence in the teaser is acting a culprit in its views or its SRK’s too glorified trailer that’s stealing the show, we leave it up to you to decide!

Watch Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan Teaser Here

Watch Salman Khan’s Sultan Teaser Here