Shraddha Kapoor Soon To Be Banned By Media Once Again?

ABCD-2-Trailer-Launch-Shraddha-KaporIf you remember well, not too long ago ABCD 2 actress Shraddha Kapoor was boycotted by the media during the promotions of her film Ek Villain. Apparently, the actress was banned by the media and not a single photographer clicked her pictures in any of Ek Villain promotional activity after the actress rubbed media personals by refusing to pose for the cameras. The ban was taken off after Shraddha came forward and apologized to media for her behavior. Now if recent rumours are anywhere to be true, the actress may go through the same ban phase all over again.

Yes, recently at the Piku success party, Shraddha Kapoor made an appearance with her ABCD 2 co-star Varun Dhawan. Everything was going good until Shraddha was asked to pose for the camera. Reportedly, shutterbugs kept calling Shraddha’s name, while the actress just walked past them and inside the venue. This incident triggered the same feeling of disapproval among the media persons present at the event.

Soon enough, the actress wasn’t clicked by any of the major media photographers at the Piku success party after she refused to stop and pose for the camera and behaved “rudely”. A lot of pictures from the event are making its round all over the Internet, however, we don’t or rarely see a single picture of Ek Villain actress on the Internet from the event. Now let’s see if the actress gets boycotted by the media once again and if she does, for how long.