Varun Dhawan Finally Breaks His Silence Over AIB Roast

Varun-AIbBollywood’s emerging star Varun Dhawan is tired of media asking him questions about the controversial AIB Roast. The Badlapur actor requested the media personals to put an end to the topic, as it is a dead issue now. He also persuaded them to put light on more important issues in our country.

According to Varun Dhawan, the media needs to discuss more important issues such as rape, corruption, and other major issues India is dealing with. “My request to the media is let’s not discuss it anymore because there are so many more important things happening and let’s not give those people more importance. It is a very small subject,” Varun stated.

“There are so many important things in the country. Discuss the rapes, discuss the corruption, discuss the other things that are happening,” the 27-year-old actor further added during a promotional event of his film Badlapur which releases tomorrow.

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Because of his personal relationship with the people involved in the roast, Varun Dhawan was dodging the question of AIB Roast since day one. But the actor finally broke his silence and stated that the life of the people involved in the roast has already become terrible, hence he requested the media to leave them alone.

Varun Dhawan stated, “The video came down because they got worried that this will land them in jail. They feared that. I know this because I know the people involved with this. What’s happening with them is now terrible. They got police protection, that’s why we are trying not to discuss it anymore. It’s a dead issue.”

The controversial episodes of AIB Roast, and the people involved are currently being tried in the court under numerous sections. Included in the list are the AIB team, actors Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and director Karan Johar amongst others.

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