Watch: Ranveer Singh’s Eye To Eye Dubsmash For Hrithik Roshan

Ranveer-Singh-Dubsmash-rBollywood actor Ranveer Singh leaves no stone unturned while showcasing his craziest side out. The actor has every now and than entertained his fans with his unique style and we wonder how? We all know Ranveer is best at his acting but the actor is awesome when it comes on doing Dubsmash.

Ranveer Singh, who celebrated his birthday earlier this month, has a special return gift for actor Hrithik Roshan. It’s never too late to gift someone special and it seems Ranveer Singh has done it.

Wishing Ranveer on his birthday, Hrithik Roshan tweeted with a special request, Happy happy @RanveerOfficial this especiall 4 u on ur birthday day..One day I want u to outdo this.-

The request was to outdo Taher Shah’s rendition of ‘Eye To Eye’ and it seems Hrithik Roshan knows Ranveer and his madness very closely. Ranveer actually went forward and took this as a dare and he has nailed it.

The actor tweeted his lip-synced ‘Eye to Eye’ Dubsmash video dressed in like Taher Shah in his original video. He tweeted, A very, very special thank you to a very, very special man for very, very special birthday wishes 😉 Watch this space! @iHrithik

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In his other tweeted he surprised Bang Bang actor with the video. He tweeted, I may never be able to outdo it … But I can at least try 🙂 only for you @iHrithik cuz I luv ya ! #eyetoeye

Hrithik Roshan who couldn’t believe that Ranveer Singh was actually a man on mission. He replied to Ranveer’s Dubsmash video, Can’t stop cracking up RT @RanveerOfficial: I may never be able to outdo it … But I can at least (cont)

Also Ranveer Singh’s partner in crime Arjun Kapoor took some advantage of this hilarious Dubsmash video. He tweeted making fun of Ranveer, I can’t see eye to eye with u anymore baba…I think this has to be a full music video with ur sweet angel eye…


Watch out the original Taher Shah’s ‘Eye to Eye’ video!
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