Bigg Boss 10: What Made Rohan Mehra Question Manu Punjabi About His Criminal Records

As earlier we revealed, Bigg Boss has introduced a new luxury budget task called, “BB Call Center”. The task has been divided into two teams-“Call Centre Executives” and “Customers”. ManveerManu Punjabi, and Lopamdura Raut are the call center executives while Rohan Mehra, VJ Bani, and Nitibha Kaul are the customers. Monalisa will be seen as the “sanchalak” of the task.

The customers have to call up the call centre executives and make sure that they harass them at their best. If the call centre employees hang up the call of their ‘customers’, they will lose the points. Only one customer can go to the phone booth and make a call to the executive they want to talk to and this will continue repeatedly. Also, as we revealed, Rohan Mehra made the first call to Manu Punjabi and their conversation is quite shocking. For the first time, Rohan will be seen in aggression and speaking his mind out as he gets the opportunity in the task.

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Tonight, Rohan will be seen making a call to call centre executive Manu Punjabi during which he questions him about his criminal records and that what connection he has with the jail. He also taunts Manu that his performance in the game has been poor as he couldn’t become captain even once in the 12 weeks, and all he has done in the game is backbiting.

As Manu has to stay calm and can’t fight with the customer, he keeps quiet and listens to everything said by Rohan. Later on, Manu discusses with Manveer that Rohan has stooped in the task even worse than Priyanka Jagga.

Next VJ Bani makes a call to Lopamudra Raut and like always, the duo gets into a catfight. Bani asks Lopamudra that does she think she looks good and that will she marry a guy for money? This conversation will surely create a new drama in the house and it remains to see if the customers can rule the task or no.

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