31 radio channels commissioned in January

MUMBAI: Thirty-one new RM radio channels were commissioned during January, 2008. With this, the total number of operational FM channels in India has gone up to 187. The government also received a sum of Rs 9.94 crores as licence fee from the private FM radio broadcasters during the period.


The newly commissioned FM radio channels are:


  1. Oolala by Positive Radio for Agartala and Shillong;
  2. S.FM by Kal Radio for Pondicherry, Rajahmundry, Trishur, Trichi, Varanasi and Vijaywada;
  3. BIG FM by Adlabs Films for Jodhpur, Mangalore, Pondicherry and Rourkela;
  4. My FM by Synergy Media for Jodhpur and Raipur,
  5. Best FM 95 by Asianet Communications for Kannur and Trishur;
  6. Mango FM by Malayala Manorama for Kannur;
  7. Club FM by Mathrabhumi for Kannur;
  8. Tomoto FM by Pudhari Publications for Kolhapur;
  9. Hello FM by Malar Publications for Pondicherry and Trichy;
  10. Radio Dhamaal by B.A.G. Infotainment for Ranchi;
  11. Mantra FM by Shri Puran Multimedia for Ranchi;
  12. Radio Mirchi by ENIL for Raipur and Thiruvananthapuram
  13. Radio City’ by MBPL for Sangli; Kushal Global for Ajmer; Muthoot Finance for Chennai; PCM Cemments for Siliguri and Syntech for Siliguri.