RCS India launches radio-monitoring service in Pune

Mumbai: RCS India’s AirCheck radio monitoring services are now available for the commercial FM stations in Pune. With the recent commencement of radio monitoring services for the city, RCS India completes the coverage of its AirCheck service for all Category A and A+ markets in India.

Pune was the last of these media markets for the service to start because until recently, Radio Mirchi was the only commercial station on the air, said Nilesh Kolapkar, who is responsible for AirCheck marketing and customer relations at RCS. Just a few weeks ago in May, Radio One and Radio City started broadcasting in Pune, Maharashtra’s second largest city.

According to RCS general manager Karl Kessler, everyone in the industry seems to agree that Pune is a very viable media market. Its status as a hub for the IT and automotive industries leads to strength in the local economy. Moreover, the relative proximity to Mumbai has made it an attractive alternative to the metropolis for many businesses and new residents.