Bigg Boss 7: When Salman Khan Danced With Elli Avram!

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[tps_footer]Sunday, November 24, 2013’s episode of Bigg Boss 7 will go down in history as one of the most heart touching one. It genuinely melted hearts of many viewers, while many women watching the show went ‘aww’, when Bollywood’s “golden hearted man”, our beloved Salman Khan shared the last dance with his favorite Bigg Boss 7 contestant Elli Avram.

The “Angel” of Bigg Boss 7, Elli Avram is the latest eviction. From the day Elli entered the house, all she has done is remain herself – she gave to India loads of sweetness, warmth and some kind of magical cuteness, which can make any viewer of the show fall in love with her. Be it a boy, or a girl, all loved her equally.

As a girl, I felt jealous of her at moments, because she got direct attention from Salman Khan, but well, I never wished bad for her. Her smile would literally take it away! Elli was honest in the game till the end. And her innocence probably is one of the many reasons she managed to strike a chord with Salman Khan, and even the viewers.

A source close to Salman Khan says, “He (Salman) noticed from beginning that many of the housemates were not talking with Elli. She was remaining isolated in the beginning. And obviously you know ‘bhaijaan ka dil’! So, he looked to it that he spoke to her often, and made sure her weekend is cheerful. He always motivated her, and her positivity reflected back always.”

Elli always addressed Salman Khan as Salman Ji, something which entire India will miss on weekends. Salman too was always kind to her. He often pulled her leg, but it was all in good humor. It made up the weekend episodes even more interesting. Plus, media got so much to write on because of that. Salman Khan even said once, “Tomorrow everyone will put your photo with mine side by side, and a new story will come up!” And that actually happened, didn’t it? This website too reported couple of stories with such “side by side” photos. We too are culprit enough!

But alas, now this all will be missed. Elli Avram, and her cuteness will be missed. Salman Khan’s awesome jokes with her will be missed. As the saying goes – what you give is what you get – Elli gave love and respect, and in return got the same not just from Salman, but entire India.

Elli Avram probably is the first contestant whom Salman offered to dance with during her exit appearance. Their little dance really stole away millions of hearts. It was a sheer joy watching them dance.

Having said this, I can without doubts say that, Salman Khan is the most balanced host Bigg Boss can ever get. He has the ability to recognize the ‘good’, appreciate it, and treat the ‘dirt’ the way it must be. Salman took up for Sangram, and on Saturday, November 23, 2013, he even took up for Andy, and wasn’t he right all the way? How can anybody say that Salman is a biased host?

Another emotional moment was when a tough guy like Sangram too couldn’t control his tears when Elli Avram bid farewell. As Elli said to Salman, that she should have stayed longer in Bigg Boss 7, I too feel she should have stayed longer. But then, what will one Angel do in a house full of politics, jealousy, and dirty games being playing each day?

Farewell, Elli Avram. And I do hope, someday I again get to write about you, when you make your moves into Bollywood. I wait for that day.

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