Exclusive Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: Mandana’s Tactics To Keep Lovers Keith-Rochelle Away


Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble’ is no doubt a part of the controversies but it also plays a cupid to many couples. But it’s not the same case this year as the theme of the show itself suggests ‘Double Trouble’.

Well, romance and closeness have always gained attention in ‘Bigg Boss’ house and with the new twists of tale on the show the closeness between Mandana Karimi- Keith Sequeria is clearly visible and moreover Keith’s girlfriend Rochelle who is paired with Prince is slowly going insecure about it.

Love-triangleShe had also asked her boyfriend Keith to be careful about his behaviour that can be perceived by the viewer’s wrongly. The insecurity level for Rochelle is now going on another level and that created a heated argument too. Rochelle had a problem with Mandana taking Keith to the corners of the house. She wanted Keith to be around her and that wasn’t okay with Mandana. The Iranian model Mandana told Keith that, this is ‘Bigg Boss’ house and that they are paired in jodi and can’t go according to what Rochelle wants.

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Last night, due to Arvind Vegda and Vikas Bhalla’s snoring problem, the housemates decided to do the rotation of bed so that each and everyone can sleep peacefully. On the basis of this, Rochelle-Prince and Keith-Mandana’s bed were next to each other.




But well, Rochelle was again insecure and wanted Keith to change his side towards her. As the beds are double, Mandana was not ready to shift to the lower portion of the double bed which again lead to arguments. Mandana who is an Iranian model, cried over being cornered by everyone as she isn’t from India according. Well, it seems Mandana is trying to create every walls she can to keep Rochelle and Keith each other and that she can be more with him!

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