Bigg Boss 8 Breaking: Gautam Gulati Exits From Champions Group


By now we all know that 5 challengers have entered the Bigg Boss 8 house to compete top 5 champions last week.

Now the game has begun between champions and Challengers to win Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol series, which is hosted by Farah Khan.

While the champions who had already survived in the house were unhappy with the new twist Halla Bol. As champions had to fight and face again with all the five challengers.

The first luxury task took place between champions and challengers to capture and rule maximum part of the house. According to the task, now the house has been partitioned between champions and challengers.

As per the rule, only one person can enter opposite team’s territory by using visitor’s pass.

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As the Champions and Challengers continue to outwit each other, the great divide between the two sides becomes increasingly outstanding.

But that’s not the end, Bigg Boss has come up with another new twist called Tabadla. One contestant of each team has to inter change with another team. According to the decision of both the team Mahek Chahal from Challengers team joins champions while Gautam Gulati turns challenger from champions.

This twist may put strong contender Gautam Gulati in trouble. Gautam has already survived and topped his co contestants by a huge margin in Bigg Boss 8 season. Maybe he would have lifted the trophy if there was no Halla bol twist.

Now, Gautam is part of challenger’s team he has to fight the game again with new people. Gautam is now trapped between his old and new friends. Should we consider that all the secrets and game plan of champions would leak?

We all know Gautam’s sincerity and straightforwardness gave him a brilliant set of admirers by Salman Khan and audiences too.

These five people, Gautam, Karishma, Preetam, Ali and Dimpy who have been inside the house for more than three months don’t have a reality check, whereas the five challengers who have entered recently know everything that has been happening inside the house.

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