Bigg Boss 8: Upen Becomes Aggressive, And Wants To Punch Gautam

Gautam-Vs-UpenBigg Boss 8 house is not only filled with controversies and twists but also rising tempers and tensions amongst contestants. This time it is about Gautam and Upen. They just aren’t in a mood to give up standing against each other. The duo got into a big spat and it appeared that Upen threatened Gautam that he would punch him right on his face if he exceeded further. Gautam stood there, didn’t bother and asked him to come and hit him as hard as he could.
Seeing this, Ali intervened and tried to pacify them and convinced that Upen would not do anything of this sort. Gautam looked miffed with Ali and said if anything happened he would not leave Ali for that and then nobody should blame him.
Too many arguments, seeing this, Bigg Boss called them and tried to stop all the fights, and told them not to cross any rules and regulations, and to solve their personal differences and just to back off, otherwise they would regret it. Bigg Boss had also asked the duo to decide a name for this week’s nomination, Upen just walked off.
Well Upen and Gautam, you’ll need to resolve your issues, you can’t afford the fight to go ugly, or then you’ll will have to face the consequences.
We are very shocked to see this side of the shy and gentle Upen. Seeing an aggressive Upen is quite unbelievable.
We are still wondering if Upen is doing this for TRP’s or What?

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