The Tom And Jerry Show Makes A Come Back On Cartoon Network


tom and jerry main Well if half of your childhood memories consist of watching Tom And Jerry bash each other over the head with rolling pins, then we have some great news, The Tom And Jerry Show is set to make a comeback on Cartoon Network.

Tom And Jerry, one the world’s most beloved cartoon duos, are back with the brand new set and also with a fresh take on the classic cat and mouse game.

The all-new series of The Tom And Jerry Show, which will go on air from April 21, 2014 on Cartoon Network, promises to offer exciting new slapstick storylines and new worlds.

“The Tom and Jerry Show is a timeless classic loved by children and adults across the world. We are thrilled to have this legendary cat-and-mouse comedy team back with new episodes on Cartoon Network to continue their never-ending chase.” Krishna Desai, Executive Director And Network HeadKids, South Asia, Turner International India Pvt. Ltd., said in a statement.

The new show will feature the legendary pair continuing their never ending chases with a fresh take on the classic. This time, Tom‘s determination and Jerry‘s cleverness will not be limited to their usual suburban setting.

The episodes will include new worlds as their settings, in new situations and storylines set in different eras, be it in a witch’s den in the medieval period of magic or a crazy scientist’s laboratory in the modern science age.

The all-new series promises to offer exciting new slapstick storylines and new worlds for the kids.

This time around Cartoon Network is also giving one lucky winner a chance to travel to the Parque Warner Madrid Amusement Park in Spain and meet Tom And Jerry via a Catch And Win Contest.

Are you excited for a return of The Tom And Jerry Show? Will you take part in the contest?

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