Watch: Bollywood Celebrities And Their Most Regretted Drunk Videos


ThumbBollywood celebrities always try to look their best and watch their steps as and when they make public appearances. But just like everyone else, sometimes these celebs lose control after partying hard. Let’s take a look at some such funny and not so funny instances where Bollywood celebrities were caught drunk by the paparazzi.

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Actor Salman Khan likes indulging in luxurious drinking and has been quite open about it. Whether it is sharing a casual drink with friends or drinking with costars, Salman is always up for some fun. But it was not so fun at the time when drunken Salman got furious and bashed a reporter when asked about Shah Rukh Khan. At another such incident, the actor started trashing the show that he was supposed to host. Producers of the show might have got a heart attack after that!

Another such instance was when Sanjay Dutt became all protective about Shah Rukh Khan. SRK who entered the party walking on his own needed support to walk to his car after the birthday bash. Sanju baba got quite furious at the media asking them to shut the camera. Sanjay Dutt then hugged SRK close to save him from the flashing lights. Awww, adorable! Talking about Sanjay Dutt, there was a time when he had no idea what he was doing in the drunken state and started hurling abuses out of nowhere. Well obviously if in such a drunk state you’re being attacked by the camera mob you are bound to hurl abuses. We don’t blame you sanju baba!

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After watching the video it’ll be clear that Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s wedding was one grand gala. Yesteryear actor and Kareena’s uncle Randhir Kapoor had one too many drinks and became way too comfortable with the media. Everything was fine, till he said something that pretty sure made everyone regret letting Randhir interact with the media that night.

Well when it’s about partying, our actresses aren’t far behind. From Ameesha Patel to Sonam Kapoor to Manisha Koirala, Bollywood actresses are the life of the party. Sometimes they get out of control and do bizarre things leaving everyone shocked. Like this once when actress Manisha Koirala went ham on the drinks and started talking about deeper things like near death experiences. Proving once again that alcohol turns everyone into a poet.

Trust us when we say, you haven’t seen so many drunk stars at one place. At Arjun Kapoor’s birthday bash, we got a glimpse of Arjun, Ranveer, Varun, Sidharth and more young’uns partying it out hard and losing control. Where Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan just couldn’t get enough of hugging the birthday boy. So much love!

Well that said, we’re not trying to demean our beloved Bollywood stars. Everybody likes losing control sometimes and just like everyone, these celebrities too deserve a break. And they sure know how to party it up!

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