Watch: Hrithik Roshan’s Crazy Break Free Dance


Hrithik-Roshan-DanceHrithik Roshan never stops surprising his fans.  The dancing superstar recently posted a video in which he lets his Rohit side, his memorable character from ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, loose and dances on ‘60s evergreen song “Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyaar Tera”.

Watch Video Here:

Not only is Hrithik showing some never seen before dance moves, but he also showcases his humorous side in this creative video. At first it’s hard to recognize Hrithik as he is dressed in hearty paunch with a purple shirt and a grey golfer’s cap. Hrithik seems to be having fun and enjoying himself in the video completely in Rohit Mehra’s look.

According to sources close to Hrithik, revealed that the actor is always energetic on the set and never sits idle even if they aren’t shooting, and utilizes his free time in creating new experiments with the environment that he is surrounded by.  This dance video was result of Hrithik’s such nature. The actor decided to play the music and shake off some moves in his vanity van during his free time while shooting for Krrish 3.

When asked why the actor decided to do so, he said, “It’s just something I did spontaneously on the last day of enacting the character of Rohit. Guess I wanted to celebrate and immortalize him since he dies in krrish3. I love the way some people let go break free and just dance not caring about how they look but just enjoy the music.. That’s how Rohit would dance. And I wanted to experience that for myself. So I just went crazy”.