7 Traits Every Actor/Actress Must Possess

Alia Bhatt Movie Scene

It is most likely a question that will pique the interest of many people. What is it about some people that makes them such good performers? Or at the very least, have the ability to be a fantastic performer. It must have occurred to you at least once in your life. Let’s see whether you got all of the answers right!


An actor must be attractive, engaging, and captivating to the audience. It is because they play the roles of real-life men and/or women. They send forth dramatic and emotional positive vibrations that aid the performer in doing their role flawlessly. Although the actor may not have the most appealing persona in real life, having natural charisma can always help and support you in your acting pursuits. Just be confident in yourself!

Recognize Human Behaviour

Some actors understand the human psyche and are aware of what their audience requires at any particular time. They can go deeper into the script and perform to their full potential. The best performers have a deep understanding of human behaviour, including what people desire and need globally. Every job they take on will need this of them: the capacity to delve deep into the psyche of their characters and deduce their motivations, which will dictate their actions.


Your temperament and attitude are also significant factors in developing you as a tough and self-reliant actor. Your self-assurance, both on and off the stage, says a lot. Being able to rush into those sensitive regions without shrivelling into a ball of stress is a big component of an actor’s makeup since they are obliged to disclose various sides of themselves (emotional, mental, and even bodily) in front of people.


Actors must be well-informed and well-versed in their craft. It is critical to read up on all elements of life and the issues that are affecting the world. It is interesting to know that intelligence is not confined to academic scores or current affairs. It’s the kind of intelligence that includes emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and a deep grasp and insight into human behaviour and motivations. It is because actors are often asking themselves, “What drives this character? What are their requirements? What are they looking for? Why are they acting in this manner?”. It’s a never-ending evaluation and dismantling of the human psyche, which necessitates a high level of intelligence.


Acting is a professional trade that takes a great deal of patience and hard work. To be a successful and well-liked actor, you must be a hard worker. Work that is dedicated goes beyond the point of success. Acting is such a self-starter business that will take a lot of self-motivation as well as an unending quantity of personal time. You’ll have to devote your entire life to honing your art and giving 100 per cent of yourself to each character you perform.


A great actor’s innovative and motivating vision is one of his or her most important attributes. Actors require original and imaginative ideas that may be used on set. You sometimes have to thoroughly immerse yourself in parallel realities that have nothing to do with the world you know. This is where your creativity will shine. The majority of performers have wild and vivid imaginations, as well as a strong bond with them. From the first phases of character development to establishing oneself in an authentic reality while surrounded by many cameras, staff, and a very artificial atmosphere on set. Utilise your imagination’s connection and seek to improve it wherever feasible.


Physical and vocal energy can contribute to an actor’s popularity. Putting your energy into the character you’re playing will aid in the development of a relationship. Actors must expend a great deal of energy, thus it’s advantageous if they’re naturally energetic. If that energy isn’t channelled properly, it will be chaotic and counterproductive to a strong performance. The best actors are masters at managing and delivering their energy. Because their persona is holding something back on the surface, but on the inside, they’re exploding, they know when to release bursts of energy and when to bottle it up. As a result, knowing how to move the energy in their bodies around to help guide and emphasise their performance is critical.

Actors in theatre, cinema, television, and other forms of performing arts media express ideas and portray characters. They act out a writer’s screenplay to entertain or educate an audience.