Did Shah Rukh Cheat on his wife, Gauri Khan?

A picture of Shah Rukh Khan

In contrast to many other actors, Shah Rukh Khan rose to prominence in Bollywood without the help of a Godfather. He was progressively introduced to the industry and assimilated into the world of glamour. He is currently known as the ‘King of Romance’ and has a large fan base.

When Shah Rukh was asked if he was gay at random, he was way too calm and shrugged it off. Shahrukh said to a journalist who questioned why he had previously been asked if he was gay. ‘He might have asked me out to dinner if I had said yes.’

Although he was never involved in any major controversies, King Khan, like many other performers, was subjected to media rumours. He was accused of cheating on his wife Gauri Khan and having an affair with Priyanka Chopra.

King Khan replied, “I don’t cheat. I’ve never had the desire to cheat anyone – financially, emotionally or romantically. It doesn’t mean I’m the most morally upright person. I just think cheating is quite low. My problem is I can’t say no. I am too courteous. I am unable to ward off people I don’t want to be with. To form a sexual alliance for an evening, or two or five, and then try and ward it off… it’ll disturb me a lot.

In any case, I think my time to have affairs or cheat is over. Because I never cheated, half the people said I’m gay. But I’m too old now. In fact, if I do cheat now, people will say: “Jhoot bol raha hai, saala.” Also, when I came to Mumbai, a lot of people had notions about the film industry. It was important to tell those people that it’s not true.”

Shah Rukh Khan also revealed that he promised his wife that she could accompany him to any party without fear of him sleeping with any women in the room. He said, “So, I promised my wife: “You can walk into any party with me without having to worry that I’ve slept with any lady in this room. There’s no girl who will come up to you and say hello, knowing me better than you know me.” It’s a promise I made in my heart. And yet I love a lot of the girls I work with. But physicality is not an important aspect of it. Because you know that’s what gets blown out of proportion.”

There is no reason why anyone should not admire and respect the Gentleman of Bollywood.

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