JP Dutta’s Paltan Has A Memorable Release Date!

JP Dutta’s Paltan which is all set to release on 7th September has a very significant release date.

In his forthcoming movie, Paltan, director JP Dutta pays an ode to the martyrs who laid their lives during the Indo-China war of 1967.

The National Award-winning filmmaker has ensured that his latest collaboration with Zee Studios gets released closer to the date of the real incident that inspired it to make this tribute even more special.

The release date is memorable as the battle drama hits the theaters in the same week as the Indo-Chinese war, which took place on September 11 over 50 years ago along the Sikkim border.

JP Dutta was recently quoted saying,”In 1962, the Chinese started the war, and in 1967, we ended it. It’s an important part of our history.”

The conflict was triggered when our soldiers refused to listen to their Chinese counterparts’ demands to stop laying the fencing stretch from Nathu La to Sebu La along the perceived border.

Arrogant from the victory of the Sino-Indian war of 1962, the Chinese started firing on our soldiers. While our troops suffered casualties initially, they not only countered the Chinese forces with machine guns, artillery and mortars but also gave the enemy a ‘bloody nose’, which eventually led to a ceasefire on September 15.

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