All’s Not Well Between Malaika Arora Khan And Sohail Khan’s Wife Seema Khan?

After the split with husband Arbaaz Khan, Malaika Arora Khan turned into Malaika Arora and since then the lady has been hitting the news like a jumping ball. You can read her name every now and then.

Now, the rumors claim that there is something fishy between Malaika Arora Khan and Seema Khan and it can be something serious! Wouldn’t you hate it when someone would ignore to see you being in the same city? Yes, you would. And that’s exactly what Malaika Arora Khan did, on the same day of Karan Johar’s bash.

Seema has now come up with her new collection and launched it on the same day of Karan’s bash, where everyone made it for her launch even Malaika’s sister Amrita, but she didn’t, she just didn’t. Malaika was seen directly at Karan Johar’s party.

Now, there is definitely something hot that’s brewing among these sister-in-laws. According to a news daily, they hate each other because of something in common which is why Malaika didn’t turn up.

Even on the family’s trip to Maldives, Malaika was hardly seen in the family pictures and didn’t make it to them. Sister Amrita Arora was seen wearing Seema’s outfit at the trip and happily joining them in every picture.

Malaika was busy with her children on the trip and made her best to act as an invisible person out there. She had not returned back with them either. She is definitely making her own space.

Now, we have no idea about the real reason behind their fight and making so much of distances from each other, but she definitely has moved on from ex-husband Arbaaz’s family. Is this because she has a jealousy factor with Seema or they don’t match better? Well, Amrita is quite good with them but Malaika isn’t.

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