Sanjay Dutt’s Small Initiative For His Parents!


Sanjay Dutt is known to have an extremely strong bond with both his parents. The actor through all his phases has his father, legendary veteran actor Sunil Dutt’s support. The actor’s mother again an exalted and iconic actress Nargis Dutt also shared a thick bond.

Although, after Sanjay lost his mother to cancer, Sunil Dutt strongly felt the need to start up an initiative which helped people suffering from the disease. In Nargis’s memory, Sunil started several foundations which proved to be a great helping hand for the one’s in need.

Today Sanjay Dutt personally looks into the functioning of the charity foundation which is located across. The actor makes sure that he adds every bit of aid in his capacity. While The actor’s sisters looks into the operations aspect of it, the fundraising is essentially looked after the actor. Sanjay is actively involved in the daily workings of same.

The awareness of the foundation has happened at a large scale and people are in know-how of approaching it. The chain has developed and evolved in the time being and offers its help to each of them