Netizens are Astonished after the Allegations on Anurag Kashyap

In the most recent episode of Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi got saved from being eliminated by sharing her secret. After a ‘planned pregnancy’ while in a secretive relationship with a director, the actress revealed that she had an abortion. 

Each of the nominated contestants was shown a word related to their secret. Mandana was the first to ring the buzzer, revealing her secret and saving herself from elimination.

Mandana began to cry before sharing her secret and took a few moments to collect herself before telling her story. She stated she was off social media for a few months during the blackout and talked about how she couldn’t trust guys after her divorce from Gaurav Gupta.

Mandana talked about how that director is a role model for many as he speaks about women’s rights and empowerment. They had a one and a half year-long relationship and were living together. Despite having a planned pregnancy, the director backed out, leaving her with no choice but to abort the child. Her story made everyone on the show cry.

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