Tragedies Surround Sonam Kapoor and Her Family

It’s disheartening to see one piece of good news followed by a negative one.

The in-laws of Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor have filed a complaint claiming theft of cash and jewellery worth Rs 2.40 crores from their Delhi apartment. According to reports, Sonam’s mother-in-law, Priya Ahuja, was the first to run to the Tughlaq Road police station to file a complaint about the robbery that occurred at their home. The family was aware of the burglary on February 11 but did not register a report until February 23. The authorities began searching the CCTV footage for evidence and identifying suspects instantaneously. The perpetrators have yet to be determined.

The domestic staff at Mr Ahuja’s home was suspected of being involved, according to the police. So far, no arrests have been made. The team interrogated 25 personnel, including nine caregivers, drivers, gardeners, and other workers. The case has also moved to special staff in the New Delhi district.

“Their house is on Amrita Shergill Marg in Lutyens’ Delhi, where Anand’s parents Harish Ahuja, mother Priya Ahuja and grandmother Sarla Ahuja live. The theft incident in Sonam’s in-laws’ house took place in February. We are investigating the high-profile case, and an FIR under Section 381 (theft by a servant of property in master’s possession) of the Indian Penal Code has been recorded at Tughlaq Road police station,” Ms Gugulath, Deputy Commissioner of Police, New Delhi, added.

According to a source, Sonam’s father-in-law, Harish Ahuja of a Faridabad-based import-export firm, was allegedly defrauded of Rs. 27 crores in a unique cybercrime last month.

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