16 is the new superstitious number in IPL


MUMBAI: The 16th over appears to be the death knell for batsman in the second edition of the Indian Premier League. In almost every match, there has been a wicket for the team fielding which has often reflected on the fortunes of the team then batting.

Cricket is governed by superstition and for most cricketers the number 13 is considered unlucky. Now for the Australians it is the number 87, as it is 13 short of a century.

In the match on Sunday, when the Kolkata Knight Riders took on Kings XI Punjab, Sourav Ganguly got out in the 16th over, just when he had started to swing his bat. But things worked out for the Knights as Brad Hodge took over and posted a respectful score. But at the end KKR lost the match.

On Saturday, Delhi Daredevils lost David Warner in the 16th over against Chennai Super Kings and a sure shot victory for Delhi turned into a shameful loss.

With each tournament, there comes a different superstition. And for this edition of IPL, the sixteenth over is being called the turning point of a match.