52 Week Entertainment Inc to distribute Mel Gibson’s West Is West in India

    MUMBAI: Mel Gibson’s West is West, which is a sequel to the English film East is East starring Om Puri, will be distributed in India by 52 Weeks Entertainment Inc.
    The film is all set to hit Indian theatres in April 2011.
    “In East is East George was caught up in two cultures – Pakistani and British. Now in West is West he is caught up between two relationships. I really enjoyed playing these emotions,” says Om Puri.
    Producer for West is West (also East is East) Leslee Udwin said, "There were 2 territories in which the choice of distributor was of great importance to me. The UK and India/Pakistan; partly because I know the film will perform superbly in the territories if correctly handled, and partly because the team of actors and crew come from those countries and so I felt a big responsibility there. I knew instinctively that Suniel Wadhwa was THE distributor for this film due to his sensibilities and a clinching moment was when I took him into the cutting room and showed him a few of the work-in-progress scenes of the film to gauge his reaction to them. He laughed heartily at the funny scenes and, yes, he cried in the more serious scene I showed him. It was then that I knew he and the film were a great fit. In the past he has also handled similar cross over films. And I am thrilled to entrust my precious ‘baby’ to him."
    52 Week Entertainment Inc.’s Suneil Wadha said, "West is West is the sequel to the internationally acclaimed film East is East, a ground-breaking film which broke cultural barriers around the world. Like its predecessor the sequel has opened to a phenomenal response in UK this week with opening weekend box office of $1.2 million. As a strategy, in India the film is set for an April release along with the North America & Canada. The timing of the India release is in keeping with the World Cup and Exams. As these kinds of films grow with word of mouth for which you would require time. A deferred release helps the movie to rid on the international box office success and reviews."
    West is West is written by Ayub Khan, based on and inspired by autobiographical events. Here, the sequel takes the Khan family on a journey from Salford, England to rural Pakistan. West is West is as much the coming of age story of 13-year-old Sajid as of his father, 60-year-old George (Ghengis) Khan. George, in a last attempt to make a good Muslim and a good son of him decides to pack Sajid off to his first wife and family in Punjab, whom he had abandoned 30 years earlier. In the process the tables are turned on George when he comes face to face with his own transgressions, and realizes that it is he himself who has much to learn.
    The film is directed by Andy De Emmony and produced by Leslee Udwin . West is West also stars Linda Bassett, Jimi Mistry, Emil Marwa, Ila Arun, Lesley Nicoll, Vijay Raaz and introduces Aqib Khan. The music of the film is by Shankar-Eshaan-Loy and Rob lane.