Aamir Khan never detained abroad, but Irrfan Khan has been stopped

Aamir Khan
MUMBAI: Irrfan Khan, who shares a surname with Shah Rukh, has also been stopped at airports abroad for sudden checks, while Aamir Khan says he has never faced any such problem.

"I was never detained," Aamir told reporters here Friday when he was asked whether he had been detained as Shah Rukh was for the second time at New York’s White Plains airport.

Shah Rukh was detained at a New York airport for two hours Thursday, sparking outrage in India. The US immigration authorities apologised for the incident, but that did not seem to pacify New Delhi that reacted sharply, telling Washington this "habit of detention and then apology" won’t do.

Irrfan said: "Even I have been stopped many-a-times at airports at immigration."

"Whenever you cross immigration, you give your passport and they would ask you the purpose of your visit. And then they would suddenly check something on their computer and their perception changes," Irrfan told reporters here Friday at the launch of the DVD of "Paan Singh Tomar".

"They take away your phone and do not allow you to call anyone. They call the police and take you in and you can’t question them. This is system’s ignorance…Their system is not foolproof. When all verifications are properly done, then they leave you," he added.