Aamir Khan plays ventriloquist in Tata Sky’s new TVC


MUMBAI: Tata Sky has launched its latest television campaign with Aamir Khan playing the role of a ventriloquist infusing life into Actve – a mascot of Tata Sky’s interactive services. Directed by Prasoon Pandey, the campaign encompasses the comical squabbles of Aamir and Actve, as they showcase the benefits of Actve services of Tata Sky.

Khan said, "When Tata Sky came to me with this concept; I thought it was unique and innovative. Honestly, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to portray the role of a ventriloquist. When I speak, our puppet whom we call Actve also speaks and expresses and when I’m talking the puppet is speaking and expressing. Hence, both characters have to be brought to life at one time, which is difficult. A ventriloquist takes years of training to be able to perfect this art."

The campaign conveys that viewers are no longer a puppet to their television sets, rather with Tata Sky Actve services one can now rake in the benefits of shopping, cooking, viewing Aartis across sacred temples in the country and much more in the comfort of their homes.

In the new TVC Aamir can be seen sporting a predominantly 70s look with long sideburns, a bow tie and checkered suit.