Abhishek Bachchan on CNN’s Talk Asia


MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan will be on this week’s TALK ASIA on CNN.

Bachchan gives his first in-depth interview to an international news channel since his high–profile wedding to actress Aishwarya Rai, walking host Anjali Rao around the live set of his latest film.

The tour offers a rare glimpse into the working atmosphere of a Bollywood blockbuster, which sees Bachchan star alongside his father and wife – an experience he describes as a “continued honeymoon.” Pressed on whether on-set tensions arise, Bachchan says he avoids arguments as he “prefers to sleep on the bed than the couch.”

Despite being born into Bollywood royalty, he recalls the experience of first appearing in more than a dozen flops, enduring heavy criticism – before finally celebrating his first box office smash with the film Dhoom. He maintains a close relationship with fans, stressing how disappointed he would be if some of the actors he admired turned out to be “obnoxious human beings.”

On making it to Hollywood, Bachchan states that Indian actors are often not that interested in the roles offered to them – that he has no desire to play a “hot dog vendor” – and that Bollywood provides enough of a challenging environment for an actor.

Having starred in more than 30 movies, Bachchan says his favourite role remains simply being his father’s son, describing the pride he feels in his father – and how Amitabh in turn enjoys showing off his son to the public, in his own personal “Lion King moment.”

The episode will be aired on CNN on 17 November at 6 am abd 9.30 pm with a repeat on 18 November at 7 am and 7.30 pm.