Abhishek Bachchan teams up with Ekta Kapoor


MUMBAI: Ekta Kapoor wants to do a Vidya Balan with Abhishek Bachchan. Abhishek Bachchan is gearing up for the biggest challenge of his career. He will be playing the solo hero in an action film to be produced by Ekta Kapoor. This would be the kind of hi-tech action thriller that belongs to the Bourne Identity-Dhoom genre.

Says a source  close to Abhishek, “Ekta sees illimitable untapped potential in Abhishek specially as an action hero.In fact not since Vidya Balan has she got so  much faith in any actor to deliver the goods.” Apparently the czar of Balajee films has requested Abhishek to keep the second-half of 2012 free for the action film.

Says the source, “Abhishek has spent the first few months of  2012 completely immersed in Bol Bachchan. He now needs time to prepare  Ekta’s film. There’s also Dhoom 3 which requires intense preparation. But it’s Ekta’s film for which Abhishek is getting into sinewy shape. For the first time he would be going bare-chested for Ekta’s film.”