Accept autistic children: Salman Khan

Salman Khan
MUMBAI: Today, on World Autism Day, Salman Khan who had recently agreed to help spread awareness about autism kept his word and published an 8 point guide through his NGO, Being Human. 
Founding Member, Forum For Autism, Chitra Iyer said, "There is an increased awareness in Mumbai. But it is not enough."
Having a star endorse the disorder will definitely be helpful. "Being Human will showcase on its site and social media the good work done by some organizations in the area of autism awareness and therapy," said Khan to a leading newspaper. 
The guide issued by the Bollywood superstar clarifies that autism is not disease, but is a disorder that can happen to anyone. It highlights the problem that early detection does not always happen in India, but parents should not be demoralized. There is no known cause of Autism, and no cure. However, no matter what age, people with autism can improve.