Actor Nisha Kothari

Tell me something about your character in Shiva.

In Shiva I play the character of a crime reporter, who is a very strong and mature girl. She is sincere and dedicated towards her work. There is also a love angle here between her and Shiva. However, she doesn’t really expect too much from this relationship.


What is it that defines your character the best in Shiva?

There is a dialogue in the film, which says ‘Maine bahut soch samajh ke faisla kiya tha ki mujhe crime reporter ban na hai to phir main apni duty se kaise hat sakti hoon.’ This sentence in the film defines my character so aptly.


She is not scared of politicians, the police or even gangsters. In fact, I also got a chance to do some action in Shiva. In the climax scene I actually lift and throw a big stone at the villain.  


What was your input for playing the character of a journalist?

I followed Ramuji’s instruction and my intuition. I also met and observed a few reporters before shooting for the film. I had to know why they ask so many questions. What do they keep in their purse? I have tried to follow the body language of the journalists. I also learnt that journalists always maintain eye contact. There is a sense of dignity and pride in every journalist’s body language.


The normal image created about you is that of a sexy glamorous girl. Are you satisfied with it?

I am an actress. Looking glamorous and hot is a positive point that should be possessed by any actress big or small. But at the same time I don’t just want to look sexy. I want to do a variety of roles.


Have you signed any more films with Ram Gopal Varma?

I am doing Go with Ramuji. I had signed it with James but for some reason it has been delayed. I have been paired opposite a newcomer in Go.


Do you have a contract with him?

When I met Ramuji for the first time he said, ‘I don’t want you to sign any papers with anybody, including me.’ So I have no agreement with anybody.

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