Adlabs Films to be renamed as Reliance Mediaworks

    MUMBAI: Reliance ADA Group is planning to rechristen Adlabs Films as Reliance MediaWorks Limited, subject to shareholders’ and other requisite approvals.
    The original name, Adlabs Films, was reflective of the company’s initial business as a film processing laboratory. Pursuant to the Reliance ADA Group acquiring the controlling stake in Adlabs in 2005, the company has witnessed transformational growth in the canvas and scale of its operations.
    Reliance ADA Group’s financial strength and management expertise have acted as a catalyst in expanding the company across various inter-related businesses of exhibition, film and media services, and television software.
    The company today has a presence in the film exhibition business in India and internationally; and has entered new segments of the film production value chain including digital post-production,digital cinema mastering, studios/shooting floors, film and TV equipment rentals, visual effects and image enhancement, film restoration BPO and other value added services
    The company’s operations include a 100 per cent owned facility in Los Angeles, California – Lowry Digital – which is a premier digital restoration facility.  
    Adlabs Films CEO Anil Arjun said, "The name Reliance MediaWorks Limited more accurately reflects our identity as a diversified film and media services company with a global presence. We are privileged to draw upon the international recognition of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group brand, to further strengthen our leadership position in the media and entertainment business."