Adlabs’ FM radio bets ‘big’ on content

MUMBAI: Anil Ambani controlled Adlabs’ radio station – BIG 92.7 FM – is all set to launch across the country. With an investment of Rs 4 billion (Rs 400 crore) dedicated to transmission equipment, infrastructure and licensing, the proposed network for BIG 92.7 FM is touted as being the largest ever.


Of the total investment of Rs 4 billion; Rs 400 million (Rs 40 crores) will be spent on the station in the first year itself in order to ensure that the brand remains top of mind for consumers.


Plans are to take radio not only to the key metros, but also to virgin markets that have never before experienced radio as a medium of entertainment.  


In order to give listeners’ a unique experience, BIG FM is betting big on content. To address the competitive nature of radio as a medium and to ensure the station stands out from the clutter, BIG 92.7 FM has undertaken extensive research and in-depth analysis of the likes and dislikes of its listener’s before putting together its programme schedule.


Today the radio industry lacks in its relevance and aspiration. BIG 92.7 FM is looking at filling this need-gap with its content and RJ’s. This station is being targeted at young adults by having a contemporary mix of programme.


According to an official release, BIG 92.7 FM promises not only to entertain but to inform and empower the listener with utilities that one may take for granted. The station has designed utilities such as traffic and weather updates along with time checks and health tips to help optimize the listener’s time management and health.


Another important content strategy of the station is “acknowledgement of local heroes in our society”. BIG 92.7 FM aims to honor the deserving common man who works relentlessly and voluntarily for the betterment of society.


Key shows will be hosted by personalities like Pallavi Joshi and Vrijesh Hirjee in Mumbai, Mona Singh and Gaurav Ghera in Delhi, Kaushik and Sheilajit in Kolkatta, C K Chandru and Dayanand in Bangalore, Uma Riaz Khan in Chennai and Jhansi in Hyderabad.


These celebrities will interact with the listeners in their language; as they share their emotions, on a daily basis, adding to the aspirational appeal of the station. In addition to this, there will also be a spiritual show, which will be hosted by Shweta Tiwari.


For the humor quotient, Sunil Pal (of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge) will be heard tickling the listeners’ funny bone. Adding freshness and variety will be a host of new RJs too.


BIG 92.7 FM national programming head Manav Dhanda says, “We have a lot going for us, but it will be our unique content that will set us apart. Extensive research in region-wise psychographics has helped us construct original and relevant matter that will appeal to the varying emotional makeup of the audiences across the nation. It is our endeavor to ensure we have a station that has relevance to the listener and is also high on aspiration.”


BIG 92.7 FM national creative director Vishal Mull adds, “The importance of such findings cannot be stressed enough as our research has given us vital facts about this nation’s people and are utilizing this information to the hilt in order to deliver a fine product.  We are doing away with irrelevant information that does not prove useful to our listeners.  At the end of the day, we don’t want to restrict our audience to only the existing listener population, but want to attract the non-listener and that is what we have worked towards.” 


Apart from this, a strong music strategy has also been put into place. Auditorium Music Tests (ATM’s) have been conducted across all cities and over 1000 songs run past the sample audiences to verify both local flavor and the city-connect. It was observed that most cities played songs that were ‘perceived’ as favorites but in actual fact were not so. Hence based on these findings, the station will air songs, 40 per cent of which will be exclusively heard only on BIG 92.7 FM. The music played will span eras and genres so that it appeals to all.


What’s more, for the first time in India, a radio station will boast of outdoor broadcasting (OB) vans, in order to make the listener’s voice heard. These vans will be stationed across the city to broadcast listeners’ opinions and comments on various topics.

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