Adlabs’ Siddharth Jain to produce films independently


MUMBAI: Adlabs’ head of animation division, Siddharth Jain is now eyeing film production and hence will relinquish his current responsibilities at Adlabs.

Sources inform that while the nitty-gritties of the matter are still being worked upon, Jain will now produce films independently. When contacted Jain, he neither confirmed nor denied the news.

However sources inform that Jain will be working on both live action and animation films, which involve high visual effects.

Jain joined Adlabs in March 2006.

Adlabs currently has two animation films under its belt, the first being, Sultan The Warrior, which has an animated Rajnikanth as the main lead of the film. It is being directed by Sondarya Rajnikanth and being worked upon at her company Ocher Studios. The other film being Gini And Johnny.

As producers Adlabs was going to develop, market and distribute the above mentioned films. The animation works were to be outsourced to studios in Indian or abroad.

While it is not known who will look into Adlabs’ animation projects now, it is said the department will still continue to function and produce animation films.