Adlabs to premiere Journey To the Center of the Earth in digital 3D format


Mumbai: Adlabs will premiere 3D Hollywood blockbuster Journey to the Center of the Earth in BIG Digital 3D for the first time at Adlabs’ cinema in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Digital 3D technology is a new form of cinema entertainment that allows audiences to experience the latest blockbusters like never before. Hollywood studios are backing the new format with animation hits like Disney’s Chicken Little and concert films like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and U2-3D showing in 3D in US and Europe. Adlabs now brings this experience to India with BIG Digital 3D. Adlabs had also pioneered the use of 6D in the first screen of its type in India in Agra earlier this year through a partnership with Israel-based Cinema Park Network. It now becomes the only cinema chain in India to offer both 3D and 6D formats.

Adlabs Digital Cinema chief operating officer Patrick von Sychowski explained the advantages of digital screens over analogue: "The BIG Digital 3D experience is a quantum leap from old analogue 3D that involved red-blue glasses or cumbersome headgear that gave you a headache." He adds, "Within a few years most Hollywood blockbusters are expected to be made in Digital 3D and we at Adlabs are proud to be bringing this experience to India for the first time."

Adlabs Cinemas chief operating officer Tushar Dhingra said, "BIG 3D Digital is certainly the most superior quality of cinema viewing available in the world today and is clearly the future of cinema. After launching IMAX and 6D, we are excited to offer our patrons yet another cutting-edge international cinema viewing experience at Adlabs."

Based on the classic Jules Verne novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth is the first live-action feature film to be shot and released entirely in digital 3D. With spectacular photo-real environments and revolutionary new filmmaking techniques, it is an epic adventure, one that takes audiences directly into the heart of the adventure, bringing them along for an unprecedented, wild and visceral ride.

The digital screen – which was earlier operating in the analogue format – has a seating capacity of 272. There are four shows a day. Tickets are priced between Rs 120 and Rs 180.