Adlabs to release mythological film


MUMBAI: Adlabs Films will be releasing a mythological film titled Jai Jagannath in 15 languages all over India on 13 July, 2007.

The film, which is financed by VIP Films’ Bharat Shah, has been directed by Orissa based director Sabyasachi Mahapatra. The proceeds from Jai Jagannath will be donated back to the regions from where they have been collected.

Director Mohapatra says, “We are a family of six brothers, devout to Lord Jagannath in Puri. Out of the total proceeds, 50 per cent will be donated back to Jagannath Trust, 15 per cent to our family run Chetana Trust and 15 per cent will be donated to Iskcon.”

Mohapatra has earlier been on the jury of the National Awards and is currently on the jury which selects India’s entry to the Oscars. His film Bhuka was awarded as part of the special jury section at film festivals across European countries.