Adlabs unveils look of Rajnikanth film


MUMBAI: Adlabs and Ocher Studios have revealed the first look of their 3D animated production Sultan the Warrior, which features southern star Rajnikanth.


Sultan the Warrior will feature Rajnikanth as a mythological, larger-than-life hero, first time in an animated verison, in an action adventure film and will be replete with the stylised Rajnikanth mannerisms and punch lines for which he is known and loved. The film is targeted at adults as well as kids, both in India and the rest of the world.


Sultan is directed by Soundarya Rajnikanth and features music by A R Rahman. The film will launch in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. Apart from Ocher studios, which is a Chennai-based post-production and animation studio, a set of international specialists will be working on the production. The film is expected to release end of 2008.


Viewers can sample the first look of Sultan the movie, during AVM’s recent release Sivaji – the Boss as also at the newly-launched website of the film


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