Aine Healy to head Prime Focus Technologies in UK

Mumbai: Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) has appointed Aine Healy as vice president and head of UK.

Based at PFT’s London facility, Healy will lead the sales, operations, technology and strategic business development efforts in the UK for the global digital content services provider.
A pioneering market leader, PFT has witnessed significant global growth over the past year on the back of major project wins, including several prestigious contracts in the UK and a strong pipeline of new prospects who are keen to adopt PFT’s unique and award-winning technology -led services and flexible business model.
Prime Focus Technologies COO Ganesh Sankaran said, “Aine’s appointment is an integral part of our growth strategy, building on our successes in the UK. Aine’s background, and her experience as a founder and CEO, give her an insider insight into the challenges the M&E industry faces, and an understanding of the evolution it is going through.”
Aine added, “People in the M&E industry are constantly searching for new models and new technologies to make their work processes efficient and to lower their costs. PFT provides a media and IT offering which addresses these needs. The potential for PFT’s is enormous, and I look forward to leading the charge for PFT in the UK, and delivering on this potential.”